We have incorporated Social Empowerment through Work and Action(SEWA) as a part of our curriculum, to make children aware and behave sensitively towards the society. Brainstorming sessions and activities were organized to proceed with the project and its scope.




Physical activities in the form of sports, games and athletics are important not simply because they provide physical exercise, but for a number of other reasons also. They develop qualities of sportsmanship, confidence, perseverance, foresight, fair play etc. Through team games and competitive games, sociability, cooperation, team spirit, spirit of self sacrifice, and attitude of healthy competition develop. A playground is said to be the cradle of democracy. In a playground student become fresh and active. Children learn to concentrate on academics, develop good hobbies, get opportunities to exhibit hidden talents and develop control over emotions and aggression. Our students have participated enthusiastically and successfully in inter school sports and games. We have collaborated with Imperial International Sports Academy which has proved to develop all the required qualities among students. Students are ever enthusiastic to participate in all the activities chalked out by the IISA Instructor. Participation in sporting events is encouraged through dedicated hours coaching. Football, Basketball, Skating, Yoga, Swimming is given extra importance. The school has facilities as mentioned swimming pool, Basket ball, full-fledged Foot ball ground.


“In today’s world, teamwork skills are employability skills.” Rightly said. Life Skill activities are encouraged on campus to develop a greater sense of thinking, problem solving in day to day life and self-awareness.

Life skill activities help to engage mind constructively. The clubs are divided into two categories, academic and non-academic. Club activities also act as stress busters.



Visits & Tours

We live in an enchanting world-full of beauty, charm and adventure. Travel provides us with immeasurable opportunities to enhance, enrich and expand our lives. The magical moments spent travelling surely has an everlasting impact on us.

Each journey that we undertake is a learning experience. Our students had gone to visit old city of Ahmedabad and had seen Bhadra fort. They had also visited Jeevan Sandhya, an old age home.